Josephine "Jo" Murelaga Dickinson

Josephine Murelaga, in the center, playing a Galleazi and Sons 1920's accordion.

Born on June 12,1934. Daugther of Angeles Murelaga and older sister of Mary Lou Guerricabeitia, Josephine Murelaga began taking accordion lessons from Kelland Clark at the age of 13. She would sometimes play for Jota lessons taught by Jay Uberuaga and for dances and other social gatherings. She would often play during breaks of Jimmy Jausoro’s band. She was one of the Simplot Safety Soldiers (c. 1948-1950) and as part of this group performed weekly on the radio and played at community events and at care facilities. At the age of 16, Jo, Ramon Echevarria and Bob Anacabe formed a trio.  They often played at the Hillcrest Country Club for social gatherings and dances and also at Basque-related activities. After she married, she played occasionally for family gatherings.


Ray Echevarria, Bob Anacabe, and Josephine Murelaga playing for a buffet supper at the Hillcrest Country Club.