Lachiondo, David Kenneth

Daniel Chertudi and Julian Achabal
Interview Location: 
Boise, Idaho

Dave was born in Boise on 29 May 1947, to Julian Lachiondo of Ibarrangelua, Bizkaia and Lydia Gandiaga of Mountain Home.  He describes his father's immigration to the United States, his struggles in establishing a successful ranch, his marriage, and his commitment to helping out the Idaho Basque community. David was was named for his uncle and his paternal grandmother, and paints an enthusiastic portrait of Basque and Catholic life near the Basque block of Boise: playing the accordion, serving mass several times a week, performing in various festivals, growing up with extended family and so on.

Dave's conception of Basque and American life as parallel universes continued throughout his school years, as the little boy who loved amuma's house so much he ran away from school daily earned a PhD and joined the administration of his old school district.  He shares several poignant anecdotes regarding his father's dedication to education.  After a few years in California, Dave returned to Idaho to wed Patricia Smedley and to raise 2 daughters, Diana and Alicia.

Today, Dave continues to play the accordion, and has joined the Biotzetik choir with his wife.  Even though Patricia is not Basque, she enjoys attending the various cultural events that Boise hosts.  The family has visited Euskadi a few times, and Diana and Alicia have taken great interest in their heritage by studying the language.  One day, Dave himself hopes to spend a year in the Basque country in order to master the language of his parents.

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It Take a Village...
Parallel Universes
Education is the Key
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