Landaluce, Milagros

Begoña Pecharroman
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Boise, ID
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Milagros was born in Mungia, Bizkaia in 1924.  Her father worked as a sheep herder in Mexico and the United States, so Milagros saw little of him.  Her mother, Vincenta Larrabeitia, ran a shop in Mungia and took care of her three children.  After she finished school at 14, Milagros enrolled in an academy for three years.  She learned how to sew and began working as a seamstress. 

Milagros met her husband, Sabin Landaluce, before the Spanish Civil War and his imprisonment.  They were reacquainted when he returned, and married in 1948.  Milagros continued her work as a seamstress when the couple moved into an apartment in Bilbao, and taught her skill to others.  In 1957, several years after Sabin had emigrated to the United States to work as a sheep herder, miner, and construction worker, she joined him with their two children.  They settled with their family in Boise, Idaho.  Milagros learned quite a bit of Basque after she arrived, since Spanish had been the more common language in Mungia. 

She describes her hometown and stresses the importance of maintaining the Basque language and culture.  To gain a sense of their roots, Milagros encourages younger generations to visit their parents' and grandparents' birthplaces in the Basque country and share their experiences with others.

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