Laragan, Joe

Daniel Chertudi
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Twin Falls, Idaho
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Joe Laragan was born on 22 May 1913 in Hagerman, Idaho, to Marcelino Laragan and Maria Aspitarte.  He recalls with great detail his parents' immigrations and work histories.  Marcelino came to the US as a sheepherder, and made a great name for himself and other Basques.  Maria came to America in 1910 to live with her sister.  Joe describes growing up in Hagerman.  Even though he didn't have many close Basque friends, the family had many such acquaintances.  The family spoke mostly Basque at home.

After graduating from university, Joe worked for a transit company in Washington before joining the military and traveling the world.  In 1946, Joe returned from his service and opened an oil and gas business in Ketchum, where he became friends with Ernest Hemingway.  He married Flora Sabala in 1946, and the couple raised three children.

Today, Joe enjoys participating in local Basque culture.  He has visited the Basque Country twice, and feels a great connection to his roots there.  Joe hopes to continue traveling, and identifies himself as much as a Basque as an American.

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Home for Lunch
Basque Social Life
Visiting Euskadi
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