Larrabeiti, Julian

Daniel Chertudi
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Gooding, ID
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Julian was born on 14 July 1936 in Muñaka, Bizkaia, to Julian Larrabeiti and Milagros Zelaya.  He describes his childhood on the baserri as an enjoyable time, complete with chores, school, sports and church.  When he had finished school, Julian worked on the farm until his conscription into the Spanish army.  When he returned, he worked in a factory until he was able to secure a job for himself in the US.

Julian came to Boise in 1951, and was a camptender in Gooding for seven years before he had to return to the Basque Country.  He was able to secure another contract, and was promoted to foreman, where he has been for 43 years.  Julian describes the organization of the Gooding Basque community.

Julian has been dating a non-Basque lady for over a decade, and she has shown great interest in his heritage.  Julian has visited Euskadi many times over the years, and still feels a strong connection to his Basque identity.

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