Larrocea, Teresa Meso

Begoña Pecharroman
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Homedale, ID
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Teresa was born in Amorebieta, Bizkaia in 1940 to Telesforo Meso and Teresa Uriarte.  The oldest of seven children, Teresa was handed a great deal of responsibility at an early age.  While her father worked in a factory and her mother tended the baserri, Teresa took care of her younger brothers and sisters.  Cooking, cleaning, sewing, and babysitting, both at home and away, filled her days as a young girl.

At 19, Teresa was reunited with a neighbor and close family friend.  Antonio Larrocea, who had been working in the United States, was back in Amorebieta.  The couple married in 1959 and decided to try their luck in America.  They left a few months later.

Teresa shares the story of her immigration and her first reactions upon arriving in Idaho, where she was greeted by her husband's aunts.  After two weeks in Boise, she and Antonio moved to a farm in Homedale, Idaho.  They settled in Homedale and eventually built their own home, raising two daughters and holding on to their heritage by speaking Basque and encouraging both to dance with the Oinkari Basque Dancers.

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Coming to America
Early Responsibilities
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