Lasuen, Matilde

Begonia Pecharroman
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Mountain Home, Idaho
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Matilde was born in Aulestia, Bizkaia in 1929 to Andrés Maruri and Angela Goitiandia.  She went to school in a little old building close to her family's baserri, Osteko.  Matilde remembers working on the baserri, spending time with her friends and studying the Catechism and other subjects at school.

She met her future husband, Juan Lasuen, when she was 17.  He left for the United States a year later and stayed for eight years, coming home to marry Matilde and bring her to America.  While he was away, she continued her work on the baserri.  Matilde and Juan left for America in March of 1956.  She describes the journey and her initial apprehension about immigrating, which eased when she arrived in Grandview, Idaho and found herself surrounded by Basques.  She remembers what the Basque community was like and how it has evolved.

After a brief stay in Bruneau, Idaho she and Juan went to work for the Simplot ranch in Grandview, where they stayed for 28 years.  Matilde cooked for her husband, the workers, and her children, whom she raised in Grandview.  Although her hands were always full, she looks back on those years fondly.  Matilde became a US citizen in the early 1970s.  She and her husband retired and decided to settle in Mountain Home.

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Coming To America
Matilde Adjusts to Life in the United States
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