Legarreta, Maria Auzokoa

Begoña Pecharroman
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Mountain Home, ID
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Maria was born in Arrieta, Bizkaia in 1914 to Augustin and Sabina Auzokoa.  Modest when she talks about how hard she worked on her family's baserri, Maria says that life on the farm was tranquil for much of her childhood.  The Spanish Civil War ruptured the tranquility, ushering in years of food rationing and hardship.

Choosing to remember the good times, Maria chuckles when she tells how she and her husband, Severiano, met at a romeria just before the war.  Severiano left to fight in the war but returned safely.  They married in 1939 and moved to his family's baserri, Puntxebarri, in Fruniz to raise their children.  Fourteen years later, Severiano left to look for work in the United States.  Her sons followed not long afterward, leaving Maria with her daughter.  Years later, having bought a home in Boise, Severiano sent for Maria.  She describes her reaction and how she arranged her affairs to join him in 1972.

Maria had no trouble adjusting to life in Boise, which she found to be as pleasant as Fruniz.  She made friends and settled into the Basque community, joining other ladies at the Basque Center to play brisca.  Looking back on her life, Maria smiles and says "he sido tranquila."

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Coming to Boise
Early years on baserri
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