Lete, Rosa Mari Iñarra

Begoña Pecharroman
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Nampa, Idaho
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Rose was born on 16 September 1939 in Bergara, Gipuzkoa, to Vicente and Isabel Iñarra.  She recalls that her school days were cut short so as to free up time for her to help out on baserri Gorostola.  Rosie's father was ill, so the children had a lot of work to do, including delivering milk and eggs to the town and laboring in the fields.  On Sundays, she would often go to dances and movies downtown with her friends--but not until her family attended mass at one of the town's three churches!

Rosie married neighbor Elias Lete after he had returned to Bergara on a visit from Idaho, where he had worked as a sheepherder.  They honeymooned in southern Spain with his brother and set sail from Le Havre in 1960.  Even though her initial impressions of the US were less than fantastic, Rosie adjusted very well to her new lifestyle, especially after the birth of her four children.  She taught herself English by watching TV and reading newspapers, and eventually became an office supervisor for the State!

Life in America has changed Rose: even though the family speaks in Basque (all four children are fluent), and travels to Euskadi when the time permits, she ahs become a US citizen, and feels more at home in Idaho.  Rose Lete has been an active participant in Treasure Valley Basque activities, and has recently made an art form out of "grandmothering" her five grandchildren!

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