Lezamiz, Lucia

Daniel and David Chertudi
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Twin Falls, Idaho
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Luci was born on 8 April 1924 in Gernika, Bizkaia, to Tomas Arrien and Maria Monasterio.  Her parents were successful entrepreneurs in Gernika, and Luci's childhood was full of happy memories.  She describes church, school, chores and her social life with great fondness.  All that changed when Gernika was bombed.  She describes the terror and heartbreak of that day, when she lost her father.

Luci and her family picked up the pieces of their life along with those of their town.  She worked as a seamstress for a few years until she met her husband, Ciriaco.  The couple was soon married, and when Ciriaco returned to the US, Luci stayed until her firstborn was old enough to travel.  She arrived in Nevada in 1951.

Life in the US was a big change, but Luci adjusted quickly, and worked as a cook and bookkeeper for her husband's sheep ranching efforts until the couple bought their own ranch in 1960.  Now an American citizen, Luci still feels in touch with her Basque roots, and has been back to Euskadi several times.

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Bombing of Gernika
Meeting Ciriaco
Euskadi Changes
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