Manisidor, Ray

Daniel Chertudi
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Homedale, Idaho
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Ray was born on 7 May 1924 in Boise, Idaho, to José Mansisidor and Santa Gabikagogeaskoa.  Both his parents immigrated to the US from the Basque Country but rarely spoke of their lives there.  Ray describes growing up on the family sheep ranch in vivid detail; there was always a lot of work to be done, and times were hard.  The family spoke both Basque and English at home.

Ray helped his father with the sheep until 1944, when he volunteered for the Air Corps.  He became a smoke jumper and a logger for the forest service in 1946, and describes the experience.  In 1956, Ray bought a farm in Homedale, and has been farming ever since.  He has many colorful stories from his many different careers.

Ray met Marie Louise Osa at a dance, and the couple was married in 1967.  They have raised four children, all of whom followed their father's footsteps to dance with the Oinkaris.  Today, Ray feels proud of his Basque heritage, attends many Basque cultural events, and hopes to visit his ancestral homeland one day soon.

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