Marcuerquiaga, Cirila, "C.C." Armaolea

Mikel Chertudi
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Boise, Idaho
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Cirila, known to her friends as "C.C.", was born in Ispaster in October of 1933 to Pío Armaolea and María Leniz.  She has fond memories of her family, especially of her father, who used to sing to the children and encourage them to make education a lifelong goal.

She met her husband, Patxi Marcuerquiaga, on his birthday in Lekeitio.  There was a festival that day, and Patxi asked Cirila to dance.  They dated for four years before deciding to marry in 1955.  Patxi left for America soon after the wedding, and Cirila describes bearing and raising their daughter at her parents' home until his return nearly seven years later.

Cirila decided to see what the United States had to offer, so she and Patxi moved to Lovelock, Nevada.  She promised herself to return to Ispaster in 7 to 10 years if she did not feel comfortable in America.  Almost 35 years later, she is still in Lovelock.  Cirila visits the Basque country frequently, feeling at home there with her family and friends.  She says that "when I go there, I'm home, and when I come hear, I'm home."

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Memories of Her Father Teaching the Children
At Home While Patxi Was in America
Settling in the United States: Two Homes
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