Mingo, Gabina Goitandia

Mikel Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Gabina was born in Mountain Home, Idaho on 19 February 1910 to Juan Bautista Goitiandia and Juana Etxebarrieta.  Her parents were from Aulesti, and her father owned a sheep company until a business partner swindled it away from him.  Supporting his family as best he could, Juan Bautista moved from town to town with several other sheep outfits.  Even though her family had fallen on hard times, Gabina enjoyed playing basketball at her high school in Rupert, Idaho, and helping at Saturnina Bengoechea's boarding house.

She graduated high school in 1929 and left for Albion State Normal, a teachers' college in Albion, Idaho.  When she earned her degree, Gabina found work as a country schoolteacher near Elko, Nevada.  Three years later she went to Mullan, Idaho, then a prosperous mining town, to teach at their elementary school.  She enjoyed teaching in Mullan immensely.  Gabina met her husband, Ignacio Mingo (Miangolarra), when he immigrated from Gizaburuaga to Mullan to join his family.

Gabina and Ignacio married in July of 1942 in Shoshone, Idaho.  They moved to Boise and decided to settle there to raise their two daughters.  In the days before the Basque Center was built, social events in Boise's Basque community were mostly informal and took place at people's homes.  Basque was the language of choice at these occasions, which helped Gabina feel at home. 

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Boarding house in Rupert
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