Murelaga, Angeles Aldape

Patty Miller
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Boise, Idaho
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Angeles was born in Boise, Idaho in 1913 to Felipe Aldape and Maria Josefa Azpiri.  She and her sister, Teresa, recount their parents' immigration stories in detail, including several bits that made their experiences unique.  Angeles grew up surrounded by Basques in sheep camps, schools, and boarding houses in Meridian, Dry Creek and Boise.

She married Justo Murelaga in 1933 and settled in Boise, where the young couple opened their own hotel.  In 1944 she and Justo bought a grocery store from Teresa, which they ran until 1969.  She manages several properties to this day.  Angeles became a charter member of Euzkaldunak, the Basque Center in Boise, in 1950.

An ardent supporter of Basque cultural preservation, Angeles is active in her membership at the Basque Center.  Even though her children have long since grown up, she enjoys attending Basque dances and other social events, encouraging younger generations to celebrate their heritage.

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Her Mother's First Days in America
Basque Culture in Boise
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