Ocamica, Ramon

Daniel Chertudi
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Homedale, Idaho
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Ramon was born on 31 August 1933 in Ispaster, Bizkaia, to Julian Ocamica and Maria Gabiola.  He describes growing up on the family baserri in great detail.  There was a lot of work to do on the farm, and school wasn't always a pleasant experience, but Ramon found many ways to enjoy himself.  By the time he had finished school, most of his siblings were out of the house, so Ramon stayed home to help his parents until the age of 24, when he he went to work at a Lekeitio mill for 12 years.

The opportunity to earn a better living prompted Ramon to immigrate to the US in 1969.  He describes the shock at having to adjust to the cuisine in America; as a result, Ramon does most of his own cooking today!  He herded and tended camp until 1974, when he began working at a mill in Homedale; he retired recently after 21 years.

Ramon married Myrna Nelson in 1978, and the couple has raised a son.  The whole family enjoys participating in local Basque cultural events, and they took a trip to Euskadi in 2002 (Ramon's first since 1973).  Today, Ramon feels proud of his Basque heritage, but recognizes that he feels American as well.

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The Ring
Ramon Learns to Cook
Espe in the Mountains
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