Left to Right: Julian Lete (sound man/road mgr.) Mike Mansisidor, Chris Bieter, Dan Ansotegui, Edu Sarria and Ron Lemmon.

Many of the Oinkari Basque Dancers from Boise had always talked about getting together to play dance music (old and new Basque songs and rock and roll). In 1986 Ron Lemmon decided it was time to quit talking and start practicing at Dan Ansotegui's place. The original members were Ron Lemmon (lead and vocals), Dan Ansotegui (drums and vocals), Edu Sarria (saxophone, keyboards, and vocals), Chris Bieter (guitar and vocals), and Rich Aguirre/Mike Mansisidor (Bass). 

The band made its public debut during the intermission at the Emmett Sheepherder's Ball in the spring 1987. They played five songs, one of them twice. After that they gained popularity and were invited to play at festivals and weddings throughout the western United States, i.e.  San Francisco and Chino, CA; Elko, Reno and Winnemucca, NV; Salt Lake City , UT, and all over Treasure Valley. Also, the band took part in the Jaialdis of 1987, 1990 and 1995. In 1996 they were disbanded. 

Other members of the band were Morrie Berriochoa, Nancy Smyth, Tony Lemmon and Dave Smyth (1995). 

The name "ORDAGO" comes from the Basque card game, "Muz," when one player challenges his opponent to produce the cards he has been betting on, like calling a hand in poker. Literally "ordago" (hor-dago) means "there it is" in Basque 1.

Ordago is the perfect example of how Basque music can be something other than folk and can get influences from other musical trends like rock and roll. In this sense, Ordago is also an example of innovation in modern Basque culture. It is important to note that Ordago was the first rock and roll Basque music band created by Dan Ansotegui. Later on, two other modern Basque bands, Gaupasa and Amuma Says No will be created.

Jaialdi 1990 and 1995 booklets.

Ordago, playing in the Basque Center at July 10th, 1987. Edu Sarria, Chris Bieter, Mike Russel, Dan Ansotegui, Ron Lemmon and Rich Aguirre. Uberuaga Collection, bk 44 -57.

1 Jaialdi 1990 and 1995 Booklets.

2 Basque Music of Boise, Vol 1, track 5.

Audio Recording: 
Ai Ama - Ordago, 2.