Osborne, Lucy Astorquia

Daniel Chertudi and Julian Achabal
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Gooding, ID
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Lucy was born 23 November 1938 in Gooding, Idaho, to Eusebio Astorquia and Josephine Ensunsa.  Eusebio had benefited from his father's influence to escape the Spanish Civil War and find success as a sheep man, rancher and farmer in America.  Lucy describes her early childhood experiences with warmth and color, including the separation between Basque home life on the ranch and American school life.  She grew up speaking English, since her parents wished her to integrate fully.

After graduating as valedictorian and trying her hand at college in Colorado, Lucy decided to return to her rural Idaho roots.  She married Gary Osborne 1959, and the couple had three children who were very interested in the Basque culture.  Lucy worked as a bookkeeper for almost three decades, then became instrumental in the revamping of the Gooding Fair Grounds--a site that would play host to many Basque picnics as the community got more and more organized.

In her travels around the world, Lucy has confirmed  that Basques have a unique zest for living.  When she discovered some long-lost cousins in Australia, she found Basques very similar in tastes and customs to her own family--perhaps proof of the strength of the culture.    Today Lucy considers herself a proud American Basque, due to the "roots and wings" her parents gave her and the love for life and work which they instilled.

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