Pagoaga, Julie Gogenola

Mikel Chertudi
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Shoshone, Idaho
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Julie was born to Saturnino Gogenola and Mercedes Anchustegui in 1923.  She recalls in particular detail the story of her parents' Atlantic crossing: her mother had to wait many years to come due to a deceitful aunt, and her father came to escape the hardships of a large family in a small economy.  They ended up marrying in the Shoshone area, where Julie was born.  Julie was a smart girl who learned English quickly in the local school and graduated early.  Her mother brewed her own beer!

Julie has been immersed in the Basque culture since earliest childhood, speaking the language, working in her mother's boarding house, dancing, and often visiting Euskadi.  She even married a Basque man, Joe Pagoaga, in 1944.  Julie gives a vivid account of the Shoshone Basque community of her youth, including its leading members and activities.

Julie Pagoaga has five children--including one adopted son--and has always strived to instill in them an enthusiasm for their heritage.  She did all this while working in the insurance trade for many years.

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Speaking English in Public
Mother Brews Beer
Working in the Boarding House
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