Sabala, Nick

Mikel Chertudi and Julian Achabal
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Gooding, ID
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Nick Sabala was born on 30 October 1934 in Gooding, Idaho, to Augustin Sabala and Claudia Ascuena.  He recalls his parents' colorful immigrations to the United States.  Growing up in Gooding, Nick was the only child to speak Basque with his family.  He describes life on the farm, as well as school.

After his graduation, Nick decided to join the National Guard, where he stayed for 12 years.  He bought his father dairy farm after his honorable discharge in 1965, and is very successful today, having been inducted into the farming hall of fame.

In 1956, Nick married Shirley Elaine Moody, his high school sweetheart.  The couple has raised 5 children, and although none of them has taken a keen interest in their Basque heritage, Nick and his wife continue to be active in the culture.  Today, he is a member of the Gooding Basque Association, and hopes this group's activities will help preserve the Basque culture in his area for future generations.

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