Salutregui, Ricardo

David Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Ricardo was born on 10 June 1934 in Boise, Idaho, to Sebastian Salutregui and Libe Miren Ondarza.  He discusses his father's early life and immigration to Idaho, where he and Libe (a Boise Basque) were married in 1931.  Ricardo grew up in Homedale, and he discusses home life, school and chores.  The family spoke a mix of Basque and English at home, but seldom got the chance to leave town for social calls and Basque cultural events.

After he had graduated from high school in 1952, Ricardo worked for the Archabal family--the same outfit for which his father had herded--for a few years.  He ultimately decided to move to Boise, where he enlisted with the fire department, and he describes what it felt like to live in the Idaho locus of Basque culture.  Ricardo joined the Oinkaris and lived at a boarding house for a while, making many new Basque friends.

Ricardo retired from the Boise Fire Department in 1984--the only Basque ever to have done so.  He and his wife Dolores have raised two daughters, who are both proud of their Basque heritage.  He visited the Basque Country in 1986, and would love to go again.  Ricardo is proud of his ancestry and the positive values it has instilled in him.

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Comparing Basque communities
Family life
Growing up in Homedale
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