San Inazio Basque Festival

Basque Block

The San Inazio Festival, sponsored entirely by Euzkaldunak (The Basque Center), is an annual event to honor St. Ignatius of Loyola, the patron saint of the Basques. It began more than 25 years ago and now thousands come to the Basque Block at the end of every July to see local musicians and dancers as well as Basque sporting events.

Saturday, July 29

San Inazio Saturday

11am - local Basque musicians
12pm - Boiseko Gazteak performance
1:15pm - Txantxangorriak performance
2pm - Oinkari Basque Dancers performance

*There will be pala games throughout the day and streamed online on the Basque Center homepage

6:30pm - Onati Boise Dancers will perform in from of St. John's Cathedral as part of Mass.
7pm - Mass at St. John's Cathedral
9pm-1am - Street Dance on the Basque Block featuring Amuma Says No