Sheldon, Santa Foruria

Mikel Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Santa was born on 24 September 1920 in Boise, Idaho to Eusebio and Elena Foruria.  One of five children, she grew up in Barber, Idaho, a small town with a close-knit, family oriented community.  Of the 100 or so families in Barber, less than 20 were Basque.  Basques and non-Basques got along very well, lending a familiar atmosphere to the town.  Santa remembers her years in Barber as some of her happiest.

Her family moved to Emmett, Idaho in 1935 when the sawmill in Barber shut down.  The community in Emmett was different from that in Barber, and she remembers how she felt leaving her hometown.

After raising a family and holding a number of jobs, Santa retired in 1981, but found that sitting at home was not for her.  She learned of the Foster Grandparent Program and volunteered to serve as a foster grandparent for first-graders in Emmett.  She loves the work, and has served in this capacity for 19 years.  Proud of her Basque heritage, Santa maintains the language and culture whenever possible.

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Barber community
Reading to her mother
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