Simplot, Adelia Garro

Patty Miller
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Boise, Idaho
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Adelia was born in Boise, Idaho in 1935 to Eustaquio Garroguerricaechevarria (Garro) and Grace Ragsdale.  She took her first steps on a sheep ranch in Meridian, remembers running errands for her father at his barbershop, and describes what it was like to grow up as part of Boise's thriving Basque community. 

Adelia graduated from St. Teresa's Academy in 1953, enrolled at Idaho State University and married Richard Simplot.  She and Dick started their family while embarking on careers with the Simplot Company.  They moved back to Boise in 1959, where Adelia became involved in community organizations.  Finding a passion for community development, Adelia joined the boards of directors of several institutions and worked to save historic landmarks in Boise, including much of what is now known as the Basque Block.

By detailing the acquisition and renovation of key parts of the Basque Block, Adelia sheds light on what it takes to restore, preserve and present a central part of the story of Basque settlement in the American West.

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Taking Her First Steps
A Family Business
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