Stoker, Teresa Gorostiza

Mikel Chertudi
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Boise, Idaho
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Teresa was born in Nampa, Idaho on 26 February 1923 to Ramόn Gorostiza and María Urizar.  She lived in Silver City, Idaho until her family moved to Murphy, Idaho in 1937.  Teresa shares her memories of the schoolhouse, church, hotel, stores, Masonic Lodge and her home.  She recalls how her mother and father worked and adapted to life in the United States.

After she graduated from Melba High School in 1941 Teresa started working for Harbert Electric Company in Boise.  She married John Stoker, who had just been drafted to the US Army, in 1942 and moved from station to station with him until his discharge in 1945.  Teresa and John lived and worked all over Idaho, Oregon, and Utah over the next few years until settling on their farm in Dietrich, Idaho. 

In 1994, after her husband passed away, Teresa decided to serve on a mission for her church in the British Isles.  She worked in England and Scotland for 18 months, returning to Boise to settle in 1996.  Teresa looks back on her religious experiences, reflecting on her ancestry in light of them.

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Memories of Silver City
Stories From Her Parents
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