Txantxangorriak (which means robin in Basque) was formed in April 2001 after watching a group of triki and pandero players from Gipuzkoa (Txorimaloak) who were invited by the Jaialdi Committee to participate in Jaialdi 2000.

The organizing members of Txantxangorriak are: Gina Ansotegui-Urquidi, Dan Ansotegui, Sean Aucutt and Ana Mendiola, all of whom are committed to the success of the music group and a long Boise tradition of live musicians for the children’s dance group, Boiseko Gasteak, and the Oinkari Basque Dancers. 

Txantxangorriak has trained numbers of triki and pandero players over the years. Some of the original members still play with the group while new musicians are added every year. Txantxangorriak practices in eight-week sessions on Tuesday nights at the Basque Center. Classes are instructed by Dan Ansotegui on the triki and Sean Aucutt on the pandero. In March 2008, Txantxangorriak introduced the txalaparta to its pandero players. Txantxangorriak has participated in Basque festivals in Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming and in the Seattle Folk life Festival in 2006.  Txantxangorriak members now accompany the Boiseko Gazteak Dancers and the Oinkari Basque Dancers.

Thanks to Jaialdi 2000 this group of performers came into being and are now an inspiration to the entire Basque community.

2016 - Txantxangorriak playing in the Winnemucca Basque Festival.

Basque Music of Boise, Vol 2, track 28.

Audio Recording: 
Bide Alaigarri, 1.