Uberuaga, Monica

Daniel Chertudi
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Homedale, ID
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Monica was born on 22 May 1947 in Ontario, Oregon, to Jose Mari Telleria and Maxine Jean Scott.  Her paternal grandparents immigrated to the US from Bizkaia, and she recalls the many conversations she had with them.  Monica grew up speaking English at home, but learned to understand quite a bit of Basque through her connection to the Jordan Valley Basque community.

As Monica grew older and left Jordan Valley, she became more interested in her heritage, and found herself better able to understand the Basque side of her ancestry.  Even though she had never felt any pressure to marry a Basque man, chance threw her together with Pedro Uberuaga, and the couple wed in 1968.

Monica and Pedro raised three children, who now feel more connected to the Basque culture than Monica did as she was growing up.  The family loves to travel to Euskadi, and Monica describes her emotion at seeing it for the first time.  Today, she is proud of her Basque heritage, but feels just as proud of her mother's side of the family, and considers herself lucky to be the epitome of a multicultural American.

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Visiting Euskadi
Meeting Pedro
Reflexive Basque
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