Urlezaga, Carmen

Daniel Chertudi
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Boise, Idaho
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Carmen was born on 24 November 1924 in La Grande, Oregon to Justo Erdoiza and María Petra Telleria.  She grew up in several places, among them La Grande, Mountain Home, Castleford, and Bruneau.  Carmen's family spoke Basque at home, and she remembers having difficulty learning English when she started school.  She graduated from Bruneau High School.

Carmen first heard the jota played and learned to dance it at a sheep herders' ball in Mountain Home.  She was 17.  The experience touched her, awakening an interest in other Basque cultural and social events.  When she moved to Boise shortly afterward, she took it upon herself to meet and socialize with other Basques.

Carmen's interest and involvement in the Boise Basque community has not waned over the years.  On the contrary, she enjoys traveling to other communities in Idaho and Nevada for Basque gatherings.

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Carmen Adjusts to School
First Time Hearing and Dancing the Jota
The Basque Community in Boise
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