Urrusuno, Ann

Patty Miller
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Boise, ID
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Ann was born on 8 August 1920, in Boise, Idaho, to Lazaro Urrusuno and Ynes Echevarri.  Lazaro had used his job as a cabin boy in an unsuccessful attempt to jump ship in America when he was a boy, then earned his way over a few years later--he later became a cowboy, business owner and farmer.  Ann describes her childhood in wonderful detail: her father's jobs, going to a little rural school and speaking Basque, all of which took place during the Depression.

After graduating from high school, Ann went to college in Boise (during which time she stayed at the Modern Hotel), where she later worked as a legal secretary for several government bureaus until her retirement in 1984.  Ann and her family were always very proud of their Basque heritage, and since her mother always maintained correspondence with the family in Euskadi, every time the girls visited they felt at home.

Ann Urrusuno offers a vivid portrayal of both the rural and urban Basque communities in Idaho throughout her lifetime.  As a member of the Boise Basque Center and an avid festival- and picnic-goer, she maintains these close ties to her roots.  Ann is a proud Basque who remains fluent in Euskera and would love to visit Euskadi again.

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Family in Boise
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A proud Basque
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