Usabel, Nicasio

Joseba Chertudi
Interview Location: 
Marsing, ID
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Nicasio was born on 11 October 1902, Bizkaia, as was his father before him.  He came to America in 1920 as a solution to the economic stagnation of Spain, and recalls the trip vividly.  Departing from France, Nicasio traveled by ship to New York with 900 other immigrants.  Upon arrival he was tested, supplied by Valentin Aguirre and sent on to Idaho.

The sheepherding lifestyle was a challenging one: Nicasio suffered from loneliness, wore his shoes down often with all the trekking, and had to scare off wild predators with his gun.  He eventually tried his hand at logging with Boise Cascade, but ultimately settled down at a Marsing ranch that he took out of sagebrush himself.

Nicasio met Mary Luque at a Boise boarding house, and the couple married in 1932.  They raised 2 children.  Nicasio came to love life in America, and recalls becoming a citizen.  He did not return to the Basque country to visit until he was 52, but maintained many friendships with Marsing area Basques.

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