Wilson, Benedicta Aldecoa

Daniel Chertudi
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Boise, Idaho
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Benedicta was born on 17 May 1919 in Boise, Idaho to John Domingo Aldecoa and María Pagoaga.  She grew up in Boise, attending all 12 years of school at Saint Teresa's Academy, which was run by nuns.  She remembers Boise in the 1920s and 30s,  her classes, and how her lifelong love of music began.  On the urging of one of her teachers, she learned to play the piano and harp.

Benedicta graduated from St. Teresa's in 1937, playing a harp recital for the ceremony.  She attended Saint Mary's College, a small college in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the University of Washington, where she studied business and continued with her music.  After graduating, she worked for the Idaho Department of Agriculture.  When World War II broke out, she and her sister, Delphine Aldecoa, found positions with the FAA's air traffic control.  She has vivid memories of the war years and of losing her brother.

Benedicta married Richard Henry Wilson in 1950, settling in Boise to raise their family.  She describes some of the trips she has taken to the Basque country and her participation in the Boise Basque community.

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St. Teresa's Academy: Learning to Love Music
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