Yribar, Juanita

Mikel Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Juanita was born in Boise, Idaho on 23 October 1915 to Manuel Aberasturi and María Asunciόn Basabe.  Her father had come to the United States to herd sheep, but eventually started his own sheep ranch in Highline.  He moved his family to the ranch, where they lived in a tent while their house was under construction.  Petra's mother cooked for her family, the herders, and the shearers who came through in the spring.  When Petra's father passed away in 1926, the family moved to Boise, where her mother cared for the family until her death in 1935.

She remembers how hard it was to find work during the Great Depression, and how important her paycheck was to her mother and sisters.  Though the years were difficult, she has fond memories of dancing in the streets of Boise during the Basque New Year celebrations.  After her mother passed away, Juanita helped take care of her younger sisters, providing a place for them to live even after their husbands were sent away to war.

Juanita settled in Boise with her husband and raised three children.  She has visited her sister, Teles, in the Basque country 4 times, taking the opportunity to speak the language and spend time with some of her family.  She also enjoys spending time at the Basque Center in Boise, maintaining her connection to the Basque community.

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