Yturri, Reme

Patty Miller
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Ontario, OR
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Reme was born in the United States to Basque immigrant parents Anastacio Bideganeta and Anunciacion Alberdi.  She spent her early childhood in the family boarding house, helping with meals and meeting the sheepherders who passed through.  Raised speaking Basque, Reme initially experienced a language barrier when she entered school, but eventually graduated from Boise High School with much success.

Reme worked several jobs and participated in many Basque cultural activities before meeting her husband, Anthony "Tony" Sotero Yturri in Jordan Valley.  She traveled with her husband as he was relocated around the globe with the army, but the couple eventually settled in Ontario Oregon.

In her interview, Reme reflects on the Basque lifestyle she knew growing up, what it meant for her to be Basque, and how the culture has been affected by it's move to America.  She is determined that this country's Basque heritage not be lost.

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American and Basque
Dinner at the boarding house
Mother volunteering at hospitals
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