Zabala, Inaki "Nick"

Mikel Chertudi
Interview Location: 
Hagerman, ID
Interview Date: 

Iñaki was born on 24 October 1943 in Ispaster, Bizkaia, to Domingo Zabala and Paulina Madarieta.  He describes his parents' early lives, and how he and his siblings grew up on the family baserri.  There was always enough work for everyone.  As a young boy, Iñaki went to school in town, where he did fine because he already knew Spanish.  He then tried seminary--but decided he wanted a family one day.

Working a series of jobs until 1965, Iñaki decided to go to America.  His plan was to work for a few years, return, and marry his girlfriend, which was exactly what he did.  He and Maria Carmen, however, moved back to Hagerman after their wedding, and have been there to this day.  Iñaki has done everything from shepherding to welding, to keeping his own vineyard.

Today, Iñaki is very active in the Gooding Basque Association, and he recognizes the importance of preserving the Basque culture in Idaho.  He and his wife have made several trips to Euskadi, but he feels he has outgrown his birthplace, and is very happy in his new home.

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