Zubizarreta, Benturo

Mikel Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Ben was born on 14 December 1916 in Boise, Idaho, to Pedro Jose Zubizarreta and Filomena Acordarementeria.  He describes his parents' early lives and immigrations to the United States.  The couple met at a boarding house, married in Boise and started a family, then returned to Euskadi.  Ben himself grew up in Nabarniz, and didn't return to the US until 1933.

Ben hoped to make a good living when he came to Idaho at the age of 16.  He worked in Gooding as a shepherd and married Juantia Mendiola in 1943.  In 1958, while working at a meat packing plant, he got infected with trichinosis; he survived, but his wife passed away.  Ben raised his kids with the help of his parents-in-law.

Today, Ben is a member of the Gooding Basque Association and the Basque Center in Boise.  He has made several trips back to Euskadi, and considers himself simultaneously Basque and American.  Ben hopes the efforts of Basque clubs in Idaho can preserve the culture for generations to come, and draw more youths from the Basque Country to here.

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Young generations carrying culture
Meeting Juanita
Transatlantic trip back to Euskadi
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