John Barrutia

John Barrutia began playing the harmonica in the late 1950s.  He was self-taught and would listen to music and then would try to play the songs by ear.  He remembers playing with a group that he used to chum around with – Ray Mansisidor, Simon Achabal, and Al Erquiaga.  John recalls traveling up to Sun Valley with this group of friends and sleeping in a tent overnight and then playing music as the entertainment for a gathering up there in the 1950s or 60s.

Chris Bieter

Chris Bieter on Guitar

Chris Bieter has been a part of many Basque language and cultural projects over the years.  His interest was sparked while participating in the Basque Studies abroad program in Onati, Gipuzkoa in 1974-75 which his father, Pat Bieter, who was a professor at Boise State University, helped establish.

Louis Michel Irigaray

1973 - Louis Michel Irigaray postcard. JUHC - Bk 8 - 00419.

Louis Michel Irigaray is the son of Michel Irigaray and Marie Etcheverria who were from the district of Esterenzubi in Baxe-Nabarre. Louis Michel Irigaray spent his boyhood in a sheep camp in California, with a man from Baigorry, in charge of his father flocks and learning the sheep business. His father was a prominent sheep rancher in the High Sierra country of California.

Maite Uriaguereca Moiola

Maite (Uriaguereca) Moiola. at the Elko Basque Festival, 2001. Photo provided by Mercedes Mendive.

Arego family

1933 - Vic (Victor) Arego on guitar and Marie Arego on accordion - Basque Picnic , Mode Country Club, Boise ID. 

Benito Arego and Eulogia Arginchona, the family parents, arrived to Boise around the years 1905-1906 coming from Elantxobe, Bizkaia. They opened and run several Boarding Houses in Boise during the golden years of the Basque immigration to Idaho. In one of those Arego boarding houses, Victor  Arego grew up among many siblings.

Chacartegui, Juan "Tacolo"

1949- Tacolo as Lola Falana during the Song of the Basque. 

Juan Chacartegui, better known as Tacolo, was born on May 16, 1899 in Lekeito, Bizkaia. He came to Mountain Home in 1920 to join his family in the sheep business. He later became a partner in the Bouquet Bar in Mtn. Home and retired in 1965.

Benito Ysursa

Benito was born on March 21, 1895, in Iurreta, Bizkaia. He was born to Jose Maria Izurtza Artabe and Clara Urrutia Lejarreta at the Iturburu farmstead.  He came to the United States in November of 1915 and worked in the logging industry in Oregon. He married Asuncion, a native Basque woman, on February 7, 1919. Together they raised two children, Ramon and Ruby. In 1926, he and his brother Tomas, along with their wives, became partners in the Modern Hotel (1926-1940), a Basque boarding house in Boise, Idaho.

Patty Miller

2016- Patty playing in one the Basque Museum and Cultural Center first thursdays. Photo Eneko Tuduri. 

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