Valerie Etcharren Arrechea

Valerie Etcharren Arrechea was born in San Francisco in 1970, the daughter of Pierre Etcharren and Denise (Birabent) Etcharren.  She began playing txistu in 1978 as part of the children's banda started and taught by Alain Erdozaincy.  This txistu banda continued through the 1980s.  She began teaching dance in 1984, and has serving the Basque community since 1986 as the dance director for the children’s dance group, Gazteak Dantzariak, and the Zazpiak Bat Group si

Almirantearena Family

The Almirantearena siblings, Martin, Jeannette and Josef, are a Basque-American family from Chino, California, who have learned to play various instruments. Jeannette plays piano accordion and Josef plays the drums. Their father is from Zuberoa and their mother is from Behe-Nafarroa, Iparralde.

James Sangroniz and Pilar Sangroniz

Left: 2016, July - James playing for the San Inazio Basque Festival. 1984 - Pilar Sangroniz in San Francisco.

Ambrosio Apariasi

Ambrosio Apariasi on txistu with tamboril at the Sheepherder’s Ball, Riverside Dance Hall, Boise, Idaho.  Juanita Uberuaga Hormaechea Collection, Bk 8, 00379.

Jose Villanueva de Amezketa

1940's - Jose Villanueva, playing txistu with Ambrosio Apariasi.

Jon Onatibia

1974, April 14, Easter Sunday - Jon Onatibia in the Anaiak Danok reception at the Basque Center, Boise, Idaho. JUCH - bk 25 - 00166.

"Aita" Martxel Tillous

2000 - Boise Basque Block. Aita Martxel Tillous, playing txistu with Jimmy Jausoro and Juan Zulaica.

Martxel Tillous was the Catholic chaplain of the Basque community in the western United States during the 1990's and 2000's. He was born in Eskiula, Xiberoa in 1934. As a Catholic priest he was an anchor for the Basque community in the western states, being actively involved in 11 of these states during all those years. He drove over 100,000 kilometers in his van, Pottoka

Alain Erdozaincy

1974- Alain Erdozaincy playing txistu and drums with Jon Onatibia in Spokane.

Joe Eguia

Joe first learned the basics of the txistu at the 1985 NABO Music Camp from Luis Pe Menchaca from Madrid. He was given additional instruction from Cathy Clarkson, Josie Bilbao and Edu Sarria. During this time he was playing for the Gooding Basque Dancers. He was self-taught on the drum or tamborra. Joe also played the txistu for select dances for the Boise'ko Gazteak and at local nursing homes and square dances in Mountain Home as well as at the children's dance at the annual Parish Basque Dinner in Hailey, Idaho. 

Dan Ansotegui

2016 - Dan Ansotegui with the Txantxangorriak in the Winnemucca Basque Festival.

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