Abadia, Agustin

Joseba Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Agustin Abadia was born in Ibarrangelua, Bizkaia, to two baserri farmers.  After many years of helping out around the farm, his father--who was working in America--sent for Agustin to join him.  When he was 16, he crossed the Atlantic, his mother having paid for the journey; the trip went relatively smoothly.  Even though Agustin had no money in his pocket, Valentin Aguirre took him into his New York hotel for the night and then sent the boy on his way.

Agustin went to Grandview, Idaho in 1925, where his father and some other Basque men owned sheep.  He attended school there for a few months, then watched over the camps and finally went out as a herder.  There were many dangers to this lifestyle, which Agustin describes.  Even though he often thought of home, he would not get the chance to go back for a visit until 30 years later.  He discusses his jobs over the years at length.

Agustin married Miren in 1950, and raised 2 children, Rosalie and Jim.  By this time, he was already a US citizen, and took pride in voting. He bought a farm in Marsing, which his family owns to this day.  Agustin spent most of his life socializing with other Idaho Basques.

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