Acha, Felix

Daniel Chertudi and Julian Achabal
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Gooding, ID
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Felix was born on 30 January 1943, in Laukiniz, Bizkaia, to Domingo Acha and Antonio Longaray.  His parents worked on their baserri--the history of which he details--their whole lives, and the four children had many chores to do as well.  Domingo was in poor health after being imprisoned during the Civil War, creating more work for the rest of the family.  Felix describes growing up in his hometown: school, catechism, festivals, sports and seminary.

As he got older, Felix worked outside of the house in various factories, and also recalls dancing in neighboring towns.  Even though he got the chance to be an engineer when he was drafted into the Spanish army, he knew he wanted to see the world, and soon joined the merchant marines.  This unique position allowed Felix to travel the world, from the Middle East to South America.  After a botched attempt at jumping ship in Canada, he came to the US as a sheepherder.

Sheepherding was an unpleasant experience for Felix, so he has tried his hand at everything from Tupperware to meat packing.  He met and married Ruth Marwquete in 1974, and has 4 children.  A vocal proponent of the Gooding Basque Association, Felix loves to cook and help out with the various activities it sponsors.  He has taken many trips back to Euskadi, and considers himself a proud Basque American.

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Escaping the priesthood
Father in the war
Gooding involvement
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