Achabal, Rosemarie

Daniel Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Rosemarie was born on 29 November 1942, in Caldwell, Idaho.  Her father, Sebastian Salutregui, immigrated to Idaho from Munitibar, Bizkaia, stopping at Ellis Island.  He became a sheepherder for Rosemarie's maternal grandfather, where he eventually met her mother, Libe Ondarza.  Rosemarie describes her parents' colorful histories in loving detail.

Rosemarie grew up on a farm in Central Cove, and discusses the social life of area Basque families at the time.  Dances and dinners were among the highlights, and were a great opportunity for rural and urban Basques to mingle.  In high school, she became more involved with the culture when she and a friend drove into Boise on the weekends to dance.  When she graduated, Rosemarie worked in various clerical positions before moving to Boise.

In Boise, Rosemarie joined the Oinkari dancers.  She met her husband, Julian Achabal, at her brother's wedding, and the couple was married in 1962.  They have one son, Steven Julen, who has been very active in the Basque culture.  Rosemarie has made two trips to the Basque Country, and loved the experiences she had there.  She is very proud of her heritage, and explains its significance in Idaho.

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