Aldamiz, Adela

Begoña Pecharroman
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Boise, Idaho
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Adela was born on 13 November 1936 in Arteaga, Bizkaia, to Esteban Aldamiz and Martina Urriolabeitia. She grew up on her large family baserri, and recalls the many chores she and her siblings performed. At the age of 14, Adela went to work for a family in Bilbao in order to learn how to cook, and sew. When her mother became ill, Adela returned home, but continued taking cooking lessons in Gernika. Adela met her husband in Bilbao, and the couple wrote to each other for three years while he worked as a sheepherder in Idaho. When he returned, they married. Adela began her new life in America while working at a hospital, but soon left to cook for the Letamendi boarding house. Through the years, Adela has seen many changes in Boise. Today, Adela has been running a successful day care center for over a quarter century. She is happy in America, and has been a US citizen since 1977. Adela continues to visit her homeland, and is active in both Church and local Basque cultural groups.

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