Aldape, Pancho

Mikel and Daniel Chertudi
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Kuna, ID
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Pancho was born in Durango, Bizkaia on 6 December 1920.  His father herded sheep in the United States while Pancho grew up in Durango with his mother.  Pancho was close to his extended family, especially his grandparents in Garay, but did not know his father until he came to the United States at the age of 14.

During World War II, Pancho enlisted in the US Army Corps of Engineers and was shipped to North Africa, Italy, southern France and Germany.  He and his division were in charge of building bridges.

Pancho is a founding member of the Basque Center in Boise, Idaho.  He helped with the establishment and construction of the Center and its bar.

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Early days of the Basque Center
Meeting his father at 14
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