Arrieta, Angela

Daniel Chertudi
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Boise, Idaho
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Angie was born on 8 February 1957 in Mountain Home, Idaho, to John Lasuen and Matilde Maruri.  Both parents had been farmers in the Basque country, and even came from neighboring baserris, but the couple was not married until John had worked several years in the Idaho sheep trade.  Angie grew up on a ranch in Grandview and describes the experience fondly: her parents spoke only Euskera at home (Angie is thus fluent today), she was surrounded by Basque sheepherders, and she had a little difficulty coping with English when she started school, but easily learned and made new friends with Basques and non-Basques alike.  There were few organized Basque activities in the area, but Angie participated in a dance group from Mountain Home.

After high school, Angie studied to become a nurse, and as a result of her increased involvement with the Boise Basque community during her college years, she was invited to serve as nurse for Pat Bieter's Basque study program in Euskadi for a semester!  This was not the first time she had been to her parents' homeland, however, since she had gone at the age of seven for her First Communion and to bring her grandmother back to America.  She met husband Javier Arrieta at a Basque picnic, and the couple wed in 1980.

Angie has worked for a few doctors in the Emmett area since she and Javier moved there after their wedding.  She has raised 2 daughters, Amaia and Nekane, both of whom are fluent Euskera speakers.  The family loves to go to the Basque country to visit family and friends, and even though they feel like touring Americans, they are still very proud of their heritage.

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