Aspiazu, Flora Urresti

David and Daniel Chertudi
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Boise, Idaho
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Flora was born on 26 February 1920 in Challis, Idaho, to Polonio Urresti and Maria Carmen Bengoechea.  She describes her parents' colorful life histories and immigrations to the US with vibrant detail.  Flora's parents and four brothers lived in the White Knob mining community, which was located in the mountains four miles above the town of Mackay.  Both White Knob and Mackay were veritable melting pots of cultures.  In 1919 the family moved to Challis and in 1921 moved to Mackay, where Flora grew up and her parents operated a boardinghouse.  She recalls the smorgasbord of language and dialects that peppered her childhood.

Eventually, the Depression and World War II spelled the end of the Urresti family boardinghouse.  By this time, Flora had graduated from Boise Business University.  She went to work as a secretary for a variety of Boise businesses before marrying James Aspiazu in 1953.

Today, Flora continues her active involvement with the Basque culture.  Even though she has never visited her parents' homeland, she feels she would be quite happy there, and may go if she gets the chance.  Flora believes her unique upbringing has allowed her to strike the perfect balance between her Basque and American identities.

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Native American Friendships
The "melting pot" of Mackey Idaho
Learning Basque in the local store
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