Barinaga, Pete Jr.

Joseba Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Pete was born on 28 February 1892 in Markina, Bizkaia to Bernabé and Candelaria Barinaga.  His father was a contractor for the local quarry and construction projects.  Since his father was often away on a job, Pete's mother and siblings worked both of the family's baserris on their own.  One day, as Pete was repairing a fence, a cousin stopped by to tell him of his plans to go to America.  He advised Pete to do the same.  After three years of struggling with the idea of leaving his family, Pete decided to emigrate.

He boarded La Gascogne, a French ship, and crossed the Atlantic.  In New York, Valentin Aguirre helped him find the train that would take him to Battle Mountain, Nevada.  Pete settled into the Belaustegui boarding house and bought the clothing and supplies he would need to work with sheep.  His job at the sheep ranch did not last beyond the lambing season, so Pete went to work as a ranch-hand for several ranchers.  He worked on the ranches and trapped coyotes to make a little extra money, eventually building a reputation for himself as a trapper.  Pete met his wife, Elvira Pena, in Nevada.  They married in Twin Falls, Idaho in 1923.  

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