Barquin, Miren

Mikel Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Miren was born in Gernika, Bizkaia on 8 August 1934 to Bartolo Foruria and Alejandra Arriaga.  When she wasn't in school or taking special evening classes, Miren helped her parents tend the farm and take care of the house, which often involved taking soapy laundry down to the river to rinse it.  She remembers the town "romerías," best described as outdoor picnics or festivals where townspeople would gather to eat, listen to music, and dance.

When she finished her formal schooling, Miren studied sewing and cooking to learn skills she could use in the United States.  She met her husband, a Basque born in Wyoming, married, and decided to immigrate with him to Boise in 1958.  Over the next few years, she raised a family and worked as a restaurant manager, bartender, and cook.

Over the years, Miren has noticed changes in the society and economy of the Basque country.  She gives an insightful description of some of the progress she has seen, and relates it to progress in the United States.

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Changes and Progress in the Basque Country
Difference Between Basque Communities in Euskadi and the United States
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