Barrutia, Victoria Echevarria

Patty Miller
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Boise, ID
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Victoria was born in Boise, Idaho on 21 March 1910 to Pedro Echevarria and María Yrusta.  Victoria's family moved to Dry Creek, Idaho, where her uncles and grandfather farmed.  Her grandfather had built a stone house in Dry Creek in 1906, which was large enough to house two families.

In 1920, the family moved to Boise and bought some land to start a small farm.  Victoria took a streetcar to school in town.  She and her friends gathered at boarding houses to dance and pass the time.  Victoria met her husband, John Barrutia, at the Jayo boarding house.  They married in 1930 and moved to a sheep ranch operated by the Mountain Home Sheep Company in Indian Cove, Idaho.  Victoria has vivid memories of the ranch house and lambing sheds, where she cooked for her family and the workers.

As her parents had done, Victoria and John bought some land in Boise and started a farm of their own, where they raised milk cows and chickens.  She has lived in Boise ever since, and has made several trips to the Basque country.  Victoria discusses the likelihood that the Basque community in Boise will hold on to its heritage.

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Indian Cove
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