Berriochoa, Anna

Mikel Chertudi
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Shoshone, ID
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Anna Berriochoa was born on 11 August 1922 in Twin Falls, ID, to Frank Sabala and Florentina Yrazabal.  She discusses her father's immigration to the US from Ea, Bizkaia, and her mother's journey from Arbazegi.  Anna's mother passed away very early, and her father took wonderful care of his eight children by running a Twin Falls boarding house.  She remembers life at this crowded and popular house, including the food, dances, and sheepherders that filled its rooms.

After graduating from high school, Anna decided to become a beautician, which she did successfully for several years before switching to office work.  She met her husband, Carlos, at a Basque dance in Twin Falls, and the couple was married in Shoshone in 1946.  They have raised four children who are very interested in their Basque heritage.

Today, Anna and her husband love to participate in area Basque events.  They have made one trip together to the Basque Country, and describe the many wonderful experiences they had there.  Anna has seen many changes in the Idaho Basque community since the boarding house days, but she still feels strongly attached to her Basque roots.

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Boarding House Life
Kind Sheepherders
Her father
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