Bertsolari Movie with Nere Lete

Basque Museum & Cultural Center

Join The Basque Museum & Cultural Center in welcoming Nere Lete, Associate Professor of Basque and Director of the Basque Studies Minor at Boise State University, to present the film "Bertsolari".  This film dives into the unique history keeping and story telling of the Basques.  Bertsolari, or improvisational poetry has been around as long as the Basques, but has many modern-day connections - jazz, rap, or slam poetry.  Come see what recent visitor & director of the film, Asier Altuna, has put together to showcase this aspect of Basque culture.  The event is free and open to the public.

View a trailer here!

Reveiw of Bertsolari - "A fascinating documentary about the assertion of a communal identity in a form that will leave you marvelling at the verbal dexterity and ingenuity of its performers." - Rebecca Naughton (Eye for Film)