Bilbao, Amaya

John and Mark Bieter
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Boise, Idaho
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Amaya was born on 7 December 1975 in Boise, Idaho, to Julio Bilbao and Julie Ann Egurrola.  She recalls growing up in the Boise Basque community, and learning to play the txistu at an early age.  Even though her family spoke English at home, she maintained a strong connection to the culture at her grandparents' house.

Amaya participated in Oinkari Basque dancing, and learned a lot about the Basque community through this connection.  She discusses the unique bonds that tie together immigrants and their children in Boise.  She may consider going to Euskadi one day to learn the language of her ancestors.

Amaya graduated from Boise High School in 1994, and is pursuing university studies in Portland.  Even though she is currently a little isolated from the culture in which she grew up, she remains proud to be Basque, and discusses how people like her grandfather gave the group a good name.

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Growing up not speaking Basque
The unique bond of the Basque community in Boise
Lessons learned from her Grandfather
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