Bilbao, Anita

John and Mark Bieter
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Boise, ID
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Anita was born on 3 March 1970 in Boise, ID, to Julio Bilbao and Julie Egurrola.  She discusses growing up in Kuna, where there were few other children--let alone Basque kids--to play with.  She and her sisters were very close.  Anita wasn't raised speaking Basque, but she remained in constant contact with the culture through her grandparents.  She was also very involved in Oinkari dancing, and even tried her hand at the txistu.

Anita didn't come to the realization that she was different from some of the other kids until junior high school, where she learned that her heritage really was unique.  Even though she is now a little removed from organized Basque culture, she feels that her heritage has instilled a positive work ethic in her.

Today, Anita lives in Portland with her husband, Steve Pontello.  Her interests have broadened considerably since her childhood Basque activities, but she still feels it is important to preserve the culture in Idaho.  Anita has traveled to the Basque Country, and has studied Spanish.

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Basque heritage being unique from peers
Growing up in Kuna
Basque roots
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